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Back to School – you know how it is – where are those lunchboxes? They’ve grown how much over a summer?! The book list has to be around here somewhere…! Back to school is an exciting time, but it isn’t always straightforward. So at Honestly we want to help make these first few weeks of term time that little bit easier.

Kid in tree

Goggles – check. Lifejacket – check. Wellies – check. Ready for school!

Back to School Lunches – Option 1 – Honestly Gift Card

If you have kids in Carrick Community School who can go to town at lunch, why not pick up an Honestly Gift Card? This way, your kids can get a healthy, organic lunch that will be (almost) guaranteed to keep them full until dinner. We have fresh organic soups, smoothies, sandwiches, salads and burgers, something for even the pickiest eater! Gift Cards can be spent in our Farm Shop or our Restaurant, and we are open 7 days a week. And you can rest assured they are getting their fill of local, organic, seasonal produce. Pick up online or in store!

Back to School Lunches – Option 2 – Healthy Lunch Box fillers

kids eating

Our three kids a decade ago – *sniff*

Our Farm Shops also have a range of great lunch box fillers. Fresh breads made with organic flour, artisan cheeses, salads from our farm and lots more, you won’t have to think twice about what to pack. We also have cinnamon buns, croissants, fruits and snacks to keep them going through the day.

So, here are some ideas to add some variety and change up the sandwiches:

  • Omelette in a bun – this is perfect to pop in the lunchbox – and can be made the night before! You can add anything into the omelette – like ham, cheddar & green beans / chorizo, feta and spinach / salmon and broccoli – even leftovers from dinner can get a new lease of life in an omelette!
  • or try Mini frittatas – sticking to eggs, have you tried mini muffin tin frittatas? They are a lifesaver – pop a spoonful of veggies / meats / cheese into a muffin tin, pour over beaten eggs and pop in the oven until solid. Brilliant for lunchboxes or 40 seconds in the microwave and they are a warm, hearty, filling breakfast! Check out this recipe from Bord Bia.
  • how about a Pasta salad – this is perfect cold or hot and the topping options are endless – pesto and cheese / cherry tomatoes and cucumber / green beans and smoked salmon – filling and yum!
  • Overnight oats – not just for breakfast, these oats can be mixed with yogurt, nut butters, honey and fruits for a slow energy release sweet treat. See how Glenilen Farm do it.

Lastly, on the packaging side, please don’t reach for the single use food bags – we love these reusable sandwich bags from The Cool Food School!

Finally, good luck everyone – have an amazing school year!


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