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Half Term Activity – Kindness with the Kids


Friday February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day but we are celebrating all week!

We all know kindness is good, but did you know it’s also good for you? Multiple studies have shown that kindness (fancy term: prosocial behaviour) decreases levels of stress hormones in adults and children. It lowers cortisol and blood pressure, reduces pain, anxiety, depression, and boosts our immune system. Kindness promotes feelings of inclusion and can decrease isolation in both givers and receivers of kind acts! Plus it’s FREE!

Random Acts of Kindness Day isn’t just for the grown ups, it’s a great way to talk to kids about kindness and empathy, and get them involved in (and busy) doing good! To celebrate kindness in all its forms, for half term week we are running a competition for kids of all ages to show us how many kind acts they can do over the break!

Here is the activity sheet:

Random Acts of Kindness Bingo

Tag @HonestlyKitchen in your kid’s Acts of Kindness pictures on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – or send them to us in an email!

If your child has completed a full line, get a free smoothie or cookie in our restaurants! If you completed the whole card (wow!) get a free kids meal! *

Download your Half Term Kind Acts Bingo Card to print here: Download Card Here

We hope you enjoy your Random Acts of Kindness and us big kids at Honestly will be taking part too!

Resources for Grown Ups

What are Kindness Rocks?

Local Food Banks

Sligo Food Bank

Boyle Food Bank

Local Charity Shops

Sligo North West Hospice Charity Shop

Carrick-on-Shannon NCBI Charity Shop

Local Little Libraries

Carrick on Shannon Little Library

Local Volunteering Opportunities

iVol Database


  • Subject to availability
  • Photos can be submitted by email to
  • Photos may be shared on the Honestly Farm Kitchen social media pages to promote this kindness initiative, please contact us if you prefer not to have your photos shared
  • Treats should be redeemed by the end of February 2023

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