Working with Honestly

We have big ambitions for our business and our team. We are looking for skilled and passionate people to continue our journey with us and share in our mission. We aim to create a working environment which inspires and motivates all of us to achieve our full potential. Read on to find out how we will support your well-being at work, invest in your career progression, and reward excellence with great financial benefits.

Our Story

Honestly Farm Kitchens are owned and run by Liam and Justina Gavin of Drumanilra Organic Farm. We moved our young family back from the UK in 2012, to take over Liam’s 200-year-old family farm. We came with two ambitions. We wanted to feed our family with wholesome food grown by our own hands. We also wanted to generate a sustainable and independent income for the farm by supplying produce directly to customers.

Work / Life Balance

Live in the North West of Ireland

Live and work in a beautiful, un-touched part of the country.

More about Life in the North West

The North West region has lakes, mountains, and a stunningly beautiful coastline waiting to be explored.

Enjoy heritage sites, fantastic food and a thriving arts and music scene. We have strong communities and businesses, food producers and individuals interested in alternative, holistic, lifestyles and well-being.

Here in the North West, you’ll find zero traffic jams on your commute to work. You’ll find a safe, friendly environment in which to raise a family including country primary schools with small class sizes, and secondary schools which more than hold their own in national ratings.

Flexible Working

We’ll do everything we can to help you find a healthy work-life balance.

More about Flexible Working

We welcome team members from all lifestyles – can only work while the kids are in school? Want to work around your studies? Talk to us! Because we are a new company you will be part of working out what Flexible Working looks like. It might sometimes involve working compressed working weeks, flexible work patterns, in job shares, part-time or on annualised hours (for example working 10 months of the year and not working the other two).

Honestly Family

We know an active social life is hugely beneficial to us as individuals and as a team.

More about the Honestly Family

A social working group with members from the various Drumanilra and Honestly sites organise Summer and Christmas social events.

We have some great perks and we’re working on more – for example staff in our Carrick-on-Shannon restaurant get great discounts at our local gym.

We are working at negotiating discounts with more local businesses for our team members, these might include creche facilities, gym membership, surf or horse riding lessons, golf club membership or entry to local tourist attractions.

There are also plenty of informal social hang outs among the team, we love seeing friendships blossom between co-workers!

Employee Assistance Programme

Unlimited access to a 24-hour free, confidential telephone helpline.

More about the EAP

This service gives you free advice on a wide variety of issues such as legal advice, information and where appropriate, face-to-face counselling.

A 24/7 Mental Wellbeing Support Programme, your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a confidential counselling service that provides support to your employees and their families. It comes with a dedicated video consultation app and offers immediate help and support in managing whatever work or personal issues you are facing. There is unlimited access, for you and your family, to a telephone helpline, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The service can be accessed quickly and easily by phone, through their website, via live chat, or through their specially designed app.

Financial Benefits


Money isn’t everything, but it is important!

More about Pay

We offer a competitive salary to attract and retain great people. None of our jobs, no matter what level, are paid the minimum wage – we pay more and appreciate great work.

We reward performance and conduct annual pay reviews.

Profit Share

We believe that everyone in the organisation should share in the rewards of hard work.

More about Employee Profit Share

We will distribute a percentage of the Drumanilra Group Companies net profit each year, into an employee profit share scheme.

Annual leave

Because everyone needs a break!

More about Annual Leave

When you join us, you’ll receive 20 days’ holiday a year plus public holidays. This will increase to 23 days after three years, and one day per year after that to a maximum of 25 days per year.  Your annual leave is pro-rata if you work part-time and is calculated slightly differently for hourly versus salaried staff.

Cycle to work scheme

Huge savings on Bikes and safety equipment

More about the Cycle to Work Scheme

Through this scheme, basically, we buy the bike and safety equipment that you choose up to the value of €1000. We then loan these back to you over an agreed period taking the money from your monthly pay packet through a ‘salary sacrifice’ arrangement. You effectively pay no tax or PRSI contributions on these amounts, and that means you can save up to 51% on the value of the bike and accessories (depending on the level of tax you pay).

Investing in You

Performance Review Process

All team members, no matter how junior, participate in an annual review scheme

More about the Performance Review Process

Through these meetings with your managers, performance and opportunities for training and career progression through the business can be discussed and identified. This is a two way discussion where we take your feedback and your ideas and guide you on growing your potential.

Training and Development

Develop your skillset, your career and your potential!

More about Training & Development

Depending on your role, you will receive up to 5 days paid induction training during the first six months in your role. After 12 months in the role, you will receive a minimum of two paid pro-rata days per year, for professional development.  This might include one paid day per year to attend off-site or on-line professional development training in an area relevant to your career, one paid day working on Drumanilra Organic Farm or a paid day with one of our many partner food producers.

We also fund officially recognised training in Food Safety, Basic Fire Safety, Allergen Awareness and more depending on your role. These certificates are from an independent provider, paid for by us, and the certificates are valid for 3 years!


We value local community initiatives and organisations and want to play our part.

More about Volunteering

We value local community initiatives and organisations and want to play our part.  If you’ve worked with us continuously for 12 months or longer, you’ll get a minimum of one paid day off per year to enable you to volunteer with local charities, community groups or organisations.

Benefits as we Grow

More about new benefits

As the business becomes profitable, we will conduct on-going consultation to develop the benefits package in line with the team’s priorities, and the company’s success.  Benefits might include things like a matched funding Pension Scheme, Income Protection, Life Assurance and more.