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We are thrilled to have won one of the RDS Sustainability Awards this year – namely the Sustainable Rural Enterprise Award.

The RDS Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Awards celebrate the work of individuals, farm families and organisations who are enhancing the economic, environmental and social development of Irish agriculture and rural communities.

We believe that these types of awards are so important in promoting Ireland’s prized agricultural traditions, as well as new ways of making farming more sustainable for animals, people, and the planet.

The Sustainable Rural Enterprise Award recognises individuals and organisations who are making a significant contribution to the economic, environmental, and social development, of rural Ireland.

RDS Sustainability Awards 2023

RDS Spring Agricultural & Forestry Awards 2023
Photo: Coalesce

Promoting the Rural Economy has always been one of our key aims. We want to create a thriving business outside big cities, generating jobs, tourism and lots more. That is one reason why this award meant so much to us.

We submitted our application earlier this year, outlining how we operate and our efforts towards sustainability, both on the farm and in the restaurants. We welcomed the award judges to our sites a few weeks later, and we were thrilled to win at the award ceremony last month.

There are so many small businesses like ours making their mark on Ireland’s sustainable rural economy. Here is a full list of Award Winners and Commendations – please support these and businesses like them! Your support is what makes all of our work possible, and will boost the efforts of sustainable businesses in the future – showing that consumers in Ireland truly care about how their products are produced.

Huge thanks to all involved, and congratulations to everyone who took part!

RDS Sustainability Awards 2023

Sustainable Farming Award

Winner – Norman Dunne, Co. Kildare

Commendation – Fiorbhia Farm, Co. Laois


Sustainable Agri Start-Up Award

Winner – Woolow, Co. Galway

Commendation – Organic Connemara Eggs, Co. Galway

Commendation – Feighery’s Farm Beetroot Juice, Co. Offaly


Sustainable Rural Enterprise Award

Winner – Honestly Farm Kitchens, Co. Roscommon

Commendation – Farm Eye, Co. Roscommon

Commendation – The Galway Wool Coop, Co. Galway


Sustainable Rural Innovation Award

Winner – BiaSol, Co. Offaly

Commendation – The Old Irish Goat Society, Co. Mayo


Sustainable Rural Social Impact Award

Winner – The Grow Dome Project, Co. Dublin

Commendation – Fibreshed Ireland, Co. Wicklow





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